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Time distance

About time distance

Novel statistical measure S-time-distance is generalized to complement conventional measures in time series comparisons.
The time perspective, which no doubt exists in human perception when comparing different situations, is systematically introduced in comparative analysis both as a concept and as a quantifiable measure. Existing methods of comparative analysis do not take into account that, in addition to the disparity (difference, distance) in an indicator at a given point in time, in principle there exist a theoretically equally universal disparity (difference, distance) in time when a certain level of the indicator is attained by the two compared units. The novel statistical measure S-time-distance measures the distance (proximity) in time between the points in time when the two series compared reach a specified level of the indicator X.

Selected articles and submissions available online

  • Pilot study: Sectoral time-distances in the adoption of e-commerce activity, in The European e-Business Market Watch, European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry, 2005
  • Time for a fresh start – A Comparison of European and US Economies based on Time Distances, EUROCHAMBRES, Brussels, March 2005
  • A New Generic Statistical Measure in Dynamic Gap Analysis, in European Commision, The European e-Business Report, 2004 edition, Luxembourg, September 2004
    | FULL TEXT |
  • Time distance: a missing link in comparative analysis, Paper presented at the 28th General Conference of International Association for Research in Income and Wealth Cork, Ireland, August 22nd-28th, 2004
    | FULL TEXT |
  • Slovenian catching up with the developed countries: when and how?, 8th Bi-Annual European Association for Comparative Economic Systems Conference, "EU Enlargement - What Comes After 2004?, Belgrade, September 23rd - 25th, 2004 (Pavle Sicherl and Marjan Svetličič)
    | FULL TEXT |
  • E-Wisdom 2a/2004 Time Distance Analysis: Method and Applications, containing five articles by Pavle Sicherl:
    • Cover page, table of contents, editorial and introduction | FULL TEXT |
    • Time distance - A Missing Perspective in Comparative Analysis | FULL TEXT |
    • TDA: A New Perspective in Convergence and Divergence Analysis and Typologies for Development Indicators | FULL TEXT |
    • New Perspectives on Digital Divide | FULL TEXT |
    • Leads and Lags between the United States and the European Union | FULL TEXT |
    • Distance in Time between Slovenia and the European Union around 2001 | FULL TEXT |
  • Development Distances in Southeast Europe, Published in IB Revija, No.1, XXXVI, 2002, original paper available on WIIW page
  • Digital divide and the gap between North America and Europe in Internet users per capita: new insight from existing data, Published in Informatica, No. 4, 24, 2000
  • A New View in Comparative Analysis, Published in IB Revija, No.1, XXXIII, 1999
  • Time distance in Economics and Statistics, in Ferligoj A. (ed.), Advances in Methodology, Data Analysis and Statistics, Metodološki zvezki 14, FDV, Ljubljana, 1998

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