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Time distance

About time distance

Novel statistical measure S-time-distance is generalized to complement conventional measures in time series comparisons.
The time perspective, which no doubt exists in human perception when comparing different situations, is systematically introduced in comparative analysis both as a concept and as a quantifiable measure. Existing methods of comparative analysis do not take into account that, in addition to the disparity (difference, distance) in an indicator at a given point in time, in principle there exist a theoretically equally universal disparity (difference, distance) in time when a certain level of the indicator is attained by the two compared units. The novel statistical measure S-time-distance measures the distance (proximity) in time between the points in time when the two series compared reach a specified level of the indicator X.

Discussion papers online

  • Time distance as a new additional way to measure and assess the overall position among and within countries, SICENTER, Ljubljana, 2004
  • New Analytical and Policy Insights on the Severity of the Gap between USA, Japan and EU in Research and Development Provided by Time Distance (S-time-distance) Methodology, SICENTER, Ljubljana, 2001
  • Distance in Time between Slovenia and the EU, SICENTER, Ljubljana, 2001
  • A New Dynamic Approach to the Growth and the Inequality Issue, SICENTER, Ljubljana, 2001

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